Western outside wedding for Ronald & Michelle in tianjin.


This is a outside wedding of orange colour in Tianjin, the groom Ronald is from US, and the bride Michelle is Chinese. They talked about their love story on the wedding ceremony. Their first met was quite like a movie scene happened on a party at west coast of US. At a time, Michelle prepared to join a internship in Hongkong and maybe not coming back, Ron made a decision to put a ring under her clothes which she’s going to pack. Yes, he propose to her, and willing to be with her wherever she goes! When they recalled this story, she can’t help to cry. The whole wedding is full of warming, moving, laughing and enjoying. At the night party, they release themselves to build wonderful memories. All pics shot by KINGKONG photography team, the last one is un unexpected group photo of chief photographer Jason and the couple, seemed very interesting.

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Pre-wedding for xiaoxiao & Forest in Sydney,Australia

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Engagement shooting for Peng & Hui in wollongong,Sydney.

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Wedding for Stephan & Fang in tianjin.

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Wonder time in Hongkong disneyland.

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Western wedding for mike and liuyan in tianjin.

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